You’ve got the best of live sport – make sure your customers know it

With just a few clicks you will be able to promote all the action in a way that will make your customers want to keep coming back.

The coming season is going to be our biggest yet but us telling you is one thing – your customers need to know too. Whether it’s fixtures posters, banners, window stickers, fixture boards or beer mats, Point of Sale (PoS) plays an important role in delivering your sporting offer. Put simply, if sports fans know they can watch the next big game with you, there’s a far better chance you’ll be seeing them again. In fact, our research reveals just how impactful the right in-venue promotion can be. Not only do licensees understand the value of PoS, with 80 per cent* of our customers seeing it as an effective way of letting people know what’s going on but sports fans do too. More than half (53%)** say that seeing PoS or adverts in an outlet influences their decision on where they will be watching a game.

With that in mind we have made a couple of changes to how we provide PoS to you. You can now visit our online portal at to sign up to receive FREE PoS for the entire season. You will be able to showcase the sports that you major in as well as all of the latest fixtures. It means with just a few clicks you will be able to promote all the action in a way that is sure to make your customers come back for more.


With any PoS the first thing you are going to do is notice it. People will come and sit down and clock that we’ve got photos up in frames and then they’ll come and ask questions about it.” The Crafty Chandler, Liverpool

PoS Pointers…

  1. Location, Location, Location When putting up your posters think of high footfall areas but also places where people have a chance to read. Behind the bar and in the toilets spring to mind.
  2. Keep them fresh Nobody wants to see a poster in the pub telling them about a huge game they missed at the start of the season. The campaign moves quickly, make sure your posters keep with the pace.
  3. Don’t overdo it As tempting as it is for us to suggest you plaster the pub with BT Sport posters leaving just enough space for several TV screens, sometimes less can be more.
  4. Don’t forget the staff If you have a staff room then a well-placed poster here will help your team keep on top of the action. Busy as they will be, they are less likely to be looking at the same spots as customers.

Don’t forget social media…

Letting people know what is happening via your website and social channels has become as important as your in-house promotion. For some, the passing trade on the likes of Facebook and Twitter is the digital equivalent of the good old chalk board. We have a huge range of assets that you can use for free to showcase your offer in a slick and professional manner. See our full range of assets here, we have social assets for every fixture we show!


* Amethist licensee survey June 2018

** CGA consumer survey April/May 2018


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