Are you part of the social media scene

Our research shows how you can reach more customers with some simple online listening

Are you part of the social media scene

Stepping into social media can be a bit like walking into a packed bar on a Saturday night.

The huddled masses generate a cacophony of noise that you may find yourself wading through, before finally managing to catch up with your friends.

It can be a confusing and intimidating environment for the uninitiated.

With one billion people active on Facebook, around 800 million on Instagram and 330 million monthly users on Twitter, it isn’t easy knowing where to look to find useful information.

Luckily for you we have had our ears to the ground to do a bit of ‘social listening’ and find out the kind of things people talk about when pubs and sport come up in conversation.

Our analysis of literally thousands of mentions across blogs, Twitter, Instagram, forums and review sites, gives a clearer indication of what the chat is about and how you could potentially tailor your own social media output to attract more attention.


Myth buster number coming your way. Social media is just packed with young people, permanently plugged into their phones, isn’t it?

Well, maybe, but when it comes to chats about pubs and sport this is driven by a slightly older crew. In fact, 51 per cent of posts were made by people aged above 45 and only 19 per cent were by those 24 and younger.

It demonstrates that social media is on most people’s radar these days and not just something for the millennials.

Not everything has completely changed though, with this type of conversation still being largely driven by men, who are responsible for 74 per cent of posts.


In a word, everywhere.

Our research shows that people are posting about pubs and sport all over the country.

Metropolitan areas such as London, Glasgow and Cardiff see a huge volume of posts, as do traditional sporting cities such as Liverpool and Manchester.

Essentially, the bigger your population of sport fans is, the more online conversation there’s going to be.


Social media is a club with a 24-hour licence, but some sessions are busier than others. The chat at the weekend generally ramps-up from mid-morning through to 7pm, with noticeable peaks just before kick-off times. There’s a similar trend early-evening onwards on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

You don’t need the vision of Kevin De Bruyne to spot that conversations on social gear-up as kick-off approaches, which shows what a good time it is for you to be active on your own accounts.


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