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We want your business to get the most out of BT Sport. Take a look at how other businesses have benefited since taking BT Sport in their premises.

The Chiswick Moran Hotel

West London

The Chiswick Moran Hotel is regarded as one of the finest four star hotels in West London. The hotel benefits from being well-positioned for Heathrow Airport and Central London and caters for both corporate and leisure clients from both the UK and abroad.

The hotel has BT Sport installed in its Globe Bar which well populated with guests of the hotel but also seeks to attract external visitors and live televised sport helps to maximise food and drink sales.

As Bar Manager Clayton King points out: “BT represents fantastic value for us. On average, whenever we show live sport, we see a ten-fold increase in revenues which is a fantastic return on what is very competitively priced service.

With the hotel being situated near to a major business park, and with a number of major companies having headquarters in the area, the bar caters for a large amount external guests throughout the week and at weekends.

We get a lot of custom from businesses in the local area with staff specifically coming to watch live sport after work. These are young professionals who want to watch live sport in a comfortable and stylish environment which is something we pride ourselves on. BT Sport helps us provide a sporting facility without being a sporting venue.

Overall, Mr King recognises that BT Sport has been a valuable addition to the Chiswick Moran which has helped attract new customers and add further value to their guests’ experience.

Newport (Salop) RFC


“We subscribed to BT Sport when they began showing exclusive live coverage of the Aviva Premiership,” says Heather Marley, Chairman of Bar & Catering at Newport (Salop) RUFC. “It’s been really beneficial in terms of getting members to stay longer at the club whether to watch the live Premiership and European Champions Cup games in the rugby or the Premier League matches. Where I think the benefit has been most noticeable is on Sunday afternoons as we have a really strong youth and minis set-up with over 200 children and their parents attending training on Sunday mornings. The sessions generally finish at about 12.30pm so if there’s an Aviva Premiership or European rugby match showing on BT Sport, there will be a significant amount of people staying on in the clubhouse to watch the coverage and have a drink and something to eat. The feedback to the BT Sport rugby coverage has been great and our rugby players and coaches really enjoy the technical expertise and knowledge of the BT pundits.”

Darlington Mowden Park RFC


Darlington Mowden Park RFC, who play their rugby in National League Division One, are a flourishing club with several men’s senior sides, a renowned women’s section and a massive youth set-up, all based at their impressive 25,000-capacity ground. “We have some of the best facilities of any rugby club in the country since we bought and moved into the Northern Echo Arena two years and people expect to be able to watch the live rugby on TV when they come into the clubhouse after a game or training session here, whether it’s the Aviva Premiership, European Champions Cup or international games,” says Steve Errington, the club’s Chairman of House. “It’s therefore crucial to have BT Sport for its domestic and European coverage as that’s the shop window of the professional sport and a level that players can aspire to. We’ve also seen the BT Sport coverage from the other side when we hosted the Northern leg of the pre-season Aviva Premiership Sevens, broadcast live by BT Sport, and witnessed the huge effort and manpower that goes into their matchday coverage.”

Northern FC

Newcastle upon Tyne

“BT Sport works really well for us as we’re a rugby union club so we have plenty of people really keen to watch the live coverage of the Aviva Premiership and European Rugby Champions Cup on Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons,” says David Giles, General Manager of Northern FC in Newcastle upon Tyne. “But we’re also a club where the local community is welcome and football is obviously massive in Newcastle. This means that the Saturday lunchtime Barclays Premier League games are always really, really popular in the clubhouse. And if Newcastle United are one of the teams then it’s standing room only – you might even have people unable to get into the bar and watching the action through the glass doors from the balcony! We were also lucky enough as a club to get an invite from BT Sport to attend the live filming of the Rugby Tonight programme in London and that was great for the profile of the club.”

The Metro Hotel


The Metro is a mid-priced town centre, boutique-style hotel in Southport. It has just recently been renovated, part of which involved opening a large function room that incorporates a big screen.

The bar area in the hotel is fitted with a number of televisions that show BT Sport. As the bar manager states, the showing of BT Sport has helped attract business to the hotel, with the times that it is shown resulting in “an improvement mainly on the wet sale.”

The bar manager acknowledges the greater number of games on offer with the Sky Sports package, but feels that BT Sport offers better value for money, in contrast the “fortune” it costs to get Sky, and the quality of the coverage is “as good if not better”. While the football remains the biggest draw for customers (especially Liverpool and Everton games, given the location), the bar manager has also notices an appetite for live rugby coverage.

I came down one day and I didn’t realise there was a rugby game on but we had quite a few customers in eating while watching the rugby.

The Beaufort Hotel


The Beaufort Hotel is situated at the very centre of Chepstow. Popular with locals and visitors alike, the Beaufort is the oldest, continuously trading hotel in South Wales. For hotel manager Gareth Collins, the addition of BT Sport was to add to the subscription sport they already had and provide a thorough televised sporting service that is superior to most of his rivals in order to attract local custom to the bar on a regular basis.

The key aspect for Mr Collins is the airing of sport on week nights, when business might ordinarily be quiet. The airing of games outside of weekend times motivates armchair football fans to become customers of the Beaufort:

You have nights in the week that are a bit unusual. There are a lot of fans, who are armchair fans, they never go to the matches, but are still passionate about their team and will come out to watch the game and have a few pints. Those games bring people in, no doubt about it.

Mr Collins has also been pleased with the quality of the matches shown on BT Sport. These games are popular with customers of the Beaufort:

As the season went on last year you had more and more impressive matches that appeal to the masses. Now people know we have BT Sport they can come in now that, more often than not, we will have a match on. It doesn’t matter if it is their team or not, they just want to watch a game of decent quality.

Overall, BT Sport has been a successful addition to the Beaufort, not only for the customers but the owner as well:

We are an independent hotel, it is my Dad and I who run it and we both enjoy watching the games. You can watch matches and also feel like you are providing your customers with a good service and locals can get all the matches, whenever they want.

Jupiter Hotels


Jupiter Hotels operates 26 Mercure branded hotels in the UK – mid-market, three-to-four star establishments that attract an “eclectic” mix of customers: corporate guests and infrastructure/project workers midweek and leisure guests (families and weddings) at weekends.

The hotels previously had Sky Sports exclusively installed but switched to use BT Sport in their bar and public areas , a decision that Jupiter’s IT Director, Sarah Pope says has saved the company about £500,000 in annual operating costs.

Key segments of our business mix are project professionals, engineers and energy contractors. As a number of our hotels are not based in the city centre it is important that we offer an evening entertainment option for them. After a day at work all they want is a great meal, something to drink and something to do and we needed to have something visible in the bar area that would offer something of quality to watch. Football is the biggest one going for that.

This option of live sport is vital for Jupiter Hotels to remain one of the “hotels of choice” to retain key corporate clients. Pope points out that the switch to BT has not come at the expense of a reduction in the quality of sport on offer:

Being able to tick the box of BT Sport enables us to compete in the market and keep up with the competition. We’ve shown that we don’t necessarily need other competitor options to keep that. To be able to watch quality sport with variety for all tastes covers the customer’s needs

The Langstone Hotel


The Langstone Hotel is a large hotel set across 19 acres along the Devon coastline. A family-run establishment, with a loyal staff of 80, its large surrounding woodland area, numerous facilities and sea-view helps means it is a popular destination for holiday-making families.

In keeping with the vast number of leisure and entertainment facilities on offer in the hotel, which includes a golf course, swimming pool, snooker, table tennis and children’s play area, they provide a full array of live televised sport, of which BT Sport is a prominent aspect.

The hotel’s co-owner Mark Rogers revealed that the demand for BT Sport from his regular customers was what prompted its installation.

He says that the rugby and football offered by BT Sport was what initially attracted them to become a subscriber and the “exclusivity” offered by the service is what makes it an attractive feature for his customers:

“I guess the most attractive thing is the availability of the things people haven’t got. Exclusivity is, I suppose, the right phrase.”

Overall, Mr Rogers believes BT Sport has been a success at the Langstone Hotel.

Old Water View Hotel

Lake District

The Old Water View Hotel is a small independent establishment in the Lake District. BT Sport is available for customers to view in the bar area.

Owner Ian Moseley says they opted against installing Sky Sports because of the price and that BT Sport is “better for price… much better value for money.”

The hotel attracts a wide demographic of customers, ranging from young to old including walkers and people who partake in outdoor pursuits, many of whom have a passion for sport. As such BT Sport has been a very popular addition and has proven successful in attracting extra trade:

“I thought it would be a good addition to the service we offer and would bring extra people into the bar and it has done just that.”

This has been enhanced by the fact that the Old Water View is one of the few hotels in the area that have BT Sport installed, meaning they often attract custom away from other local hotels, leading to an increase in beverage and food sales:

“We do, very much so (see an increase in drink and food sales). Up here it rains a lot and so you get a lot of people in the bar. If we have people staying in the hotel and they can see there is a decent football match on the TV, they will stay in the bar as opposed to finding somewhere else. What we have here is a lot of other hotels that do not have BT Sport installed so the owners tell their customers they can get sport round the corner.”

Overall, Mr Moseley is unequivocal in his assertion that BT Sport has proven to be a very successful addition to his business.

St James’ Court


The St James’ Court is a luxury central London hotel catering primarily to high-end corporate and leisure clients from both the UK and abroad.

The hotel has BT Sport installed as part of a 60+ channel offering in each of their 338 rooms as well as a TV in the bar area.

St James’ Court manager Edward Riches feels the variety of content available on BT Sport makes it a necessary addition to the business:

“The good thing with BT Sport is that you have the German and other foreign football as well as English, so it is good to be able to offer that. We are just about to install BT Sport 2, which has a few more of the US Sports on it. With our international demographic it is important to us to be able to offer this. It increases the mix of sport that we have available for customers to watch. That is the most crucial thing for us.”

Mr Riches is also enthusiastic about the quality of the content available on BT Sport – an aspect that also fits well with the demanding nature of the hotel’s clientele:

“What BT Sport shows is of good quality. I think there is a nice blend and mix of things that are on there. It is to a high standard.”

Overall, this leads Mr Riches to state that BT Sport has been a “very good” addition to the St James’ Court Hotel.

Campanile Hotels


Campanile Hotels, run by the Louvre Group, offer 18 two-to-three-star facilities in the UK, all of which show BT Sport in their bar area. The company had been a Sky Sports customer for a number of years, but recently switched to BT Sport and ended their association with Sky.

Louvre’s head of operations for northern Europe, Mark Aldridge, explained that the chain frequently caters for corporate guests and contractors working on infrastructure projects. Such groups tend to be comprised predominantly of men, for whom BT Sports’ programming is of interest, particularly football and to a lesser degree rugby. As such, Mr Aldridge feels that having BT Sport in his hotels is extremely beneficial, particularly with regard to bar revenues. He admitted that, if they were to remove sport coverage it would harm their drink sales:

“Football is quite an emotive subject so people will always want to watch their team. If it is not on in one place they will go and find somewhere that does, particularly in the hotels I have in city centres, such as Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. They will go into the city centre and find a sports bar that has their game on.”

The overriding theme of the conversation with Mr Aldridge was that BT Sport represents good value for money in contrast to Sky Sports:

“The company had been with Sky for a number of years and had become quite frustrated with them. I didn’t feel it was value for price. I had looked into BT on a number of occasions when it became active and met up with BT Sport, who came along and proposed something that was very cost effective. Without question, BT represents value for money.”

However, what was initially a financial decision has since been complimented by what Mr Aldridge feels is a continual improvement in the quality of BT Sports’ programming, something to which his guests have responded positively:

“Initially, it was mainly about the pricing element. But over the last 18 months it has become more commercial in terms of the types of games they have got. I am really pleased that BT have come on board to provide more competition in that sector. I like the way they show the games, I like the hub they use in terms of commentary, etc. And I get good feedback from guests as well as they like the interactivity.”

Overall, Campanile are delighted with their decision to use BT Sport:

“Without question, BT Sport has been a success in our hotels.”

Springhead Liberal Club


Having BT Sport is very important indeed to our club,” says Club Stewardess Michelle Longley.

Being a private members club with about 600 people and with pool and football teams, we obviously get a lot of customers who are sports mad,” she adds. “We get very busy especially when the big Premier League teams are on TV and getting BT Sport as a way of improving our club has certainly paid off,” she continues.

The Saturday lunchtime fixture on BT Sport has also been a real winner for takings with increased footfall. There’s no doubt that having BT Sport has definitely boosted business at our club!

Club Stewardess, Michelle Longley