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BT Sport Business

The Beaufort Hotel


The Beaufort Hotel is situated at the very centre of Chepstow. Popular with locals and visitors alike, the Beaufort is the oldest, continuously trading hotel in South Wales. For hotel manager Gareth Collins, the addition of BT Sport was to add to the subscription sport they already had and provide a thorough televised sporting service that is superior to most of his rivals in order to attract local custom to the bar on a regular basis.

The key aspect for Mr Collins is the airing of sport on week nights, when business might ordinarily be quiet. The airing of games outside of weekend times motivates armchair football fans to become customers of the Beaufort:

You have nights in the week that are a bit unusual. There are a lot of fans, who are armchair fans, they never go to the matches, but are still passionate about their team and will come out to watch the game and have a few pints. Those games bring people in, no doubt about it.

Mr Collins has also been pleased with the quality of the matches shown on BT Sport. These games are popular with customers of the Beaufort:

As the season went on last year you had more and more impressive matches that appeal to the masses. Now people know we have BT Sport they can come in now that, more often than not, we will have a match on. It doesn’t matter if it is their team or not, they just want to watch a game of decent quality.

Overall, BT Sport has been a successful addition to the Beaufort, not only for the customers but the owner as well:

We are an independent hotel, it is my Dad and I who run it and we both enjoy watching the games. You can watch matches and also feel like you are providing your customers with a good service and locals can get all the matches, whenever they want.