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BT Sport Business

Campanile Hotels


Campanile Hotels, run by the Louvre Group, offer 18 two-to-three-star facilities in the UK, all of which show BT Sport in their bar area. The company had been a Sky Sports customer for a number of years, but recently switched to BT Sport and ended their association with Sky.

Louvre’s head of operations for northern Europe, Mark Aldridge, explained that the chain frequently caters for corporate guests and contractors working on infrastructure projects. Such groups tend to be comprised predominantly of men, for whom BT Sports’ programming is of interest, particularly football and to a lesser degree rugby. As such, Mr Aldridge feels that having BT Sport in his hotels is extremely beneficial, particularly with regard to bar revenues. He admitted that, if they were to remove sport coverage it would harm their drink sales:

“Football is quite an emotive subject so people will always want to watch their team. If it is not on in one place they will go and find somewhere that does, particularly in the hotels I have in city centres, such as Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. They will go into the city centre and find a sports bar that has their game on.”

The overriding theme of the conversation with Mr Aldridge was that BT Sport represents good value for money in contrast to Sky Sports:

“The company had been with Sky for a number of years and had become quite frustrated with them. I didn’t feel it was value for price. I had looked into BT on a number of occasions when it became active and met up with BT Sport, who came along and proposed something that was very cost effective. Without question, BT represents value for money.”

However, what was initially a financial decision has since been complimented by what Mr Aldridge feels is a continual improvement in the quality of BT Sports’ programming, something to which his guests have responded positively:

“Initially, it was mainly about the pricing element. But over the last 18 months it has become more commercial in terms of the types of games they have got. I am really pleased that BT have come on board to provide more competition in that sector. I like the way they show the games, I like the hub they use in terms of commentary, etc. And I get good feedback from guests as well as they like the interactivity.”

Overall, Campanile are delighted with their decision to use BT Sport:

“Without question, BT Sport has been a success in our hotels.”