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BT Sport Business

The Chiswick Moran Hotel

West London

The Chiswick Moran Hotel is regarded as one of the finest four star hotels in West London. The hotel benefits from being well-positioned for Heathrow Airport and Central London and caters for both corporate and leisure clients from both the UK and abroad.

The hotel has BT Sport installed in its Globe Bar which well populated with guests of the hotel but also seeks to attract external visitors and live televised sport helps to maximise food and drink sales.

As Bar Manager Clayton King points out: “BT represents fantastic value for us. On average, whenever we show live sport, we see a ten-fold increase in revenues which is a fantastic return on what is very competitively priced service.

With the hotel being situated near to a major business park, and with a number of major companies having headquarters in the area, the bar caters for a large amount external guests throughout the week and at weekends.

We get a lot of custom from businesses in the local area with staff specifically coming to watch live sport after work. These are young professionals who want to watch live sport in a comfortable and stylish environment which is something we pride ourselves on. BT Sport helps us provide a sporting facility without being a sporting venue.

Overall, Mr King recognises that BT Sport has been a valuable addition to the Chiswick Moran which has helped attract new customers and add further value to their guests’ experience.