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BT Sport Business

The Langstone Hotel


The Langstone Hotel is a large hotel set across 19 acres along the Devon coastline. A family-run establishment, with a loyal staff of 80, its large surrounding woodland area, numerous facilities and sea-view helps means it is a popular destination for holiday-making families.

In keeping with the vast number of leisure and entertainment facilities on offer in the hotel, which includes a golf course, swimming pool, snooker, table tennis and children’s play area, they provide a full array of live televised sport, of which BT Sport is a prominent aspect.

The hotel’s co-owner Mark Rogers revealed that the demand for BT Sport from his regular customers was what prompted its installation.

He says that the rugby and football offered by BT Sport was what initially attracted them to become a subscriber and the “exclusivity” offered by the service is what makes it an attractive feature for his customers:

“I guess the most attractive thing is the availability of the things people haven’t got. Exclusivity is, I suppose, the right phrase.”

Overall, Mr Rogers believes BT Sport has been a success at the Langstone Hotel.