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BT Sport Business

Old Water View Hotel

Lake District

The Old Water View Hotel is a small independent establishment in the Lake District. BT Sport is available for customers to view in the bar area.

Owner Ian Moseley says they opted against installing Sky Sports because of the price and that BT Sport is “better for price… much better value for money.”

The hotel attracts a wide demographic of customers, ranging from young to old including walkers and people who partake in outdoor pursuits, many of whom have a passion for sport. As such BT Sport has been a very popular addition and has proven successful in attracting extra trade:

“I thought it would be a good addition to the service we offer and would bring extra people into the bar and it has done just that.”

This has been enhanced by the fact that the Old Water View is one of the few hotels in the area that have BT Sport installed, meaning they often attract custom away from other local hotels, leading to an increase in beverage and food sales:

“We do, very much so (see an increase in drink and food sales). Up here it rains a lot and so you get a lot of people in the bar. If we have people staying in the hotel and they can see there is a decent football match on the TV, they will stay in the bar as opposed to finding somewhere else. What we have here is a lot of other hotels that do not have BT Sport installed so the owners tell their customers they can get sport round the corner.”

Overall, Mr Moseley is unequivocal in his assertion that BT Sport has proven to be a very successful addition to his business.