Playing on a level field

At BT Sport we believe in fair play. So, if you’re one of our valued customers, we will look after your investment. That means you can rest assured that if any of your competitors are screening BT Sport without a commercial subscription, we will come down hard on them.

We work with FACT – the Federation Against Copyright Theft – and have a team of people who drop into commercial venues unannounced to check they are legitimately allowed to show BT Sport.

How can we tell?

Simple, there’s a special symbol that appears on screen (commercial bug) for BT Sport commercial customers and if it’s not there, then we will act.

Together, we’ll ensure everyone can enjoy BT Sport legally.

If you know of anyone who is showing BT Sport without having paid for it, you can report them by calling 0207 356 9555, alternatively please fill in the below and we will investigate.


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