Digital advertising has become a jewel in The Crown’s strategy

The seaside pub uses BT Sport assets on TV screens to let customers know what’s coming up next

When you’re a small pub, situated on a side street tucked away from the town centre, you need to shout to make sure people know about you.

This is the issue that Nick Marchant has to contend with at The Crown in the coastal East Sussex town of Seaford.

The pub is dedicated to sport to the extent that its opening hours can even be dictated by when major sporting events are on.

Nick shows Champions League football, Premier League, rugby, darts, cricket, motor sports and much, much more. He also runs two darts teams and attracts members of the various sports clubs in Seaford that he has connections with.

And his customers always know what’s coming up next because of the creative way Nick uses assets that are freely available from the BT Sport Business website.

He downloads the promotional materials not only to use on social media but also to run as adverts on the TV screens in the pub.

This means that at those times when live sport isn’t being screened customers will be reminded of exactly what is coming up next.

Nick, who has run the independent wet-let pub for nine years, explains how he makes the most of what is available to him.

“The first part of the marketing is the posters,” he says. “These go up on walls whenever they are sent out. Then I have the televisions inside, and two that point outside, on permanently, unless there is a game on.

“It shows what deals I have got on at the moment, the Wi-Fi details, whether I need staff and the games that are coming up – rugby or football.

“I also have local advertisers and charge them just £5 a month.”

Nick programmes the adverts himself via a website designed specifically for that purpose. It allows him to upload adverts, such as our promotional assets, design his own, order them and time how long he wants them to be displayed on the screen before moving to the next advert.

He can even set an expiration date so that they drop off as soon as a fixture has concluded.

He says it means that customers – whether they are inside or outside – always know what’s coming up at The Crown.

“Now the pictures are on the BT assets it looks really good on the screen,” he adds.

He also targets new customers using social media.

“On the Facebook page I share it with friends of The Crown and I also advertise on the What’s On in Seaford page, which works quite nicely.”

This has helped him build a steady trade and even packed the house for events such as last year’s Champions League final.

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