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Pull in the crowds with BT Sport and you’ll be pulling more pints too.


With BT Sport in your line up keep members happy – old and new.


Make your guests feel right at home with their favourite sports in the bar and their rooms.


BT Sport is the perfect play for gyms, bookmarkers, sports shops, offices, rigs, ships and yachts


Get BT Sport across all your locations for all your customers and visitors.


Free Resources

 When you invest in the best of live sport, we’re here to make sure your customers know it. From PoS and digital assets through to expert advice from our BT Support Squad, we have a range of ways to help you pull in the crowds, all for free.

With the summer upon us, it’s time to let your customers know you are back in business.

To help spread the word we have seriously upped our Point of Sale game for BT Sport Business customers.

You can still get hold of our monthly poster packs – sign up here – but there’s also a load more you can do to put your customers in the picture.

Here's a handy video guide to help.

Personalise posters

As well as receiving our monthly packs, registered users can visit to create and tailor posters for their businesses.

Our simple to use tools allow you to add venue details to posters and pick fixtures to showcase that are most relevant to your customers.

Big Champions League game on Wednesday? Your team playing on Saturday? Create a poster that showcases what’s important to you.

We have tonnes of templates for you to play with and pick what works best for your venue.

Watch our handy video tutorial here.

The dream theme

Templates include posters specific to top Premier League clubs. So if, for example, Man City are your team you can pick a template to match and make their fixtures a priority on your posters.

You can do the same with sports, so if you have a rugby strong customer base, there’s a template for you.

We’ll even help you add fixtures for games that are being screened by other broadcasters so your posters will reflect your overall sports offer.

Want to promote all FA Cup games being televised over a weekend? You can create a poster for that.

More than sport

We know that your business is multi-faceted so we have also created templates to help you promote other events that could be taking place in your pub or club.

Perhaps, in the not too distant future, your pub quiz or karaoke night will return. You can create posters in our portal, adding details specific to your events.

Don’t forget digital…

To enhance your digital offer our portal also allows you to create personalised digital assets. So, just like the posters, you can highlight the sports and upcoming fixtures that are most relevant to you and let your online audience know by whatever digital platform you like.

Watch our handy video tutorial here.

PoS Shop

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also created a PoS shop so you can top up on extra items to promote live sport in your venue.

Whether it is extra beermats, bar runners or snap frames you can find just what you are looking for in the shop at great prices. You can even get your hands on branded pens, staff t-shirts and a whole lot more at our one-stop shop.

So what are you waiting for? If you have yet to register visit, sign up and get yourself sorted for the season.

Keen to see how BT Sport could support your business?