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Pull in the crowds with BT Sport and you’ll be pulling more pints too.


With BT Sport in your line up keep members happy – old and new.


Make your guests feel right at home with their favourite sports in the bar and their rooms.


BT Sport is the perfect play for gyms, bookmarkers, sports shops, offices, rigs, ships and yachts


Get BT Sport across all your locations for all your customers and visitors.


Get match ready

Are you opening up again to show live sport to your customers? Follow these steps to ensure everything goes smoothly from kick off.

Pubs across the UK can now open outdoors, within indoor reopening around the corner in just a few weeks’ time.

There’s no escaping the impact modern technology has on the live sport experience, so make sure yours is in perfect working order by following our checklist.

Matchday Prep

1. Switch on your Sky set-top box to check your service is working. We’d advise you do this at least 48-hours before screening live sport again. The channel numbers are listed below:. The channel numbers are listed below:

  • BT Sport 1 HD – 413
  • BT Sport 2 HD – 414
  • BT Sport 3 HD – 417
  • BT Sport//ESPN HD – 426

 2. If you have received any new equipment such as viewing cards or a new set- top box and you’re unable to see the channels, we may need to speak to you to activate the service.

3. If your service is not working, please call 0800 678 1074 and one of our agents will look to resolve the issue for you. For any other queries please visit our frequently asked questions here.


Billing queries

We recently wrote to you about the Government’s roadmap for hospitality in your local area and what this means for you and your plans for reopening. If you have any queries related to your billing, please call 0800 678 1074 and one of our agents will be happy to help.


Welcome your customers back

With venues set to re-open indoors and plenty of May fixtures to look forward to, it’s time to let your customers know you are back in business.

To help spread the word we have seriously upped our Point of Sale game for BT Sport Business customers.

You can still get hold of our monthly poster packs – sign up here – but there’s also a load more you can do to put your customers in the picture.

We have also caught up with BT Sport Manager of the Month winners who have all told us about their plans and tips for reopening.

Keen to see how BT Sport could support your business?