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Going the extra mile – introducing Find a Player

Our Pub Cup partner tells us how they are getting grassroots games connected

The last few years have been unimaginably tough for both pubs and grassroots sports. 

By bringing the two together there are major benefits all round –  this is an area our Pub Cup partners Find a Player specialise in. They can even help you find extra players for your Pub Cup team. 


We caught up with Jim Law and Gayle Mann from Find a Player to learn more about the key issues facing clubs and how a connection with their local pub could be a big winner on all sides.


BT Sport: Hi guys, can you tell us a little bit about Find a Player?


Jim: Of course, we’re a platform for connecting and organising sports. We’re trying to make it as easy to find, organise and play sport as it is to order a takeaway or an Uber. So access to local clubs, activities and players is instant and on-demand.


BT Sport: Sounds great, can you tell us a bit more about what your tech delivers?


Gayle: Sure… There are two main functions: 


  1. The Marketplace – connecting all different sports, clubs, teams and players in local areas. We provide lots of different search capabilities including level, times, days, positions, commitment level etc… It’s really important for people to find things that are on the right level for them. 
  2. Club and team organisation – sending out invites, tracking numbers, finding extra players, taking money, group chat, awards and feedback… loads of things. Our research showed that organisers typically spent two to three hours a week running one game - and we’ve got that down to about five mins – so it’s a huge time and stress saving. You also can’t just hit a button in WhatsApp to find extra players!


We’re also just about to introduce a rewards and loyalty system where you’ll build up points to spend on kit and offers each time you play.


BT Sport: So how does this all fit in with the Pub Cup?


Jim: We had a few chats with the Pub Cup team and they were looking for ways to make the 2022 cup even better than before. It sounded like the top priority was to find new ways to support the pubs. So we had a think about it and realised there was real opportunity to help


BT Sport: So what did you come up with?


Jim: First of all, if you have registered your pub to play but you need more players, we can help you find footballers in your area. 

Another main priority is to help the pubs get more people through the door regularly and if you can motivate the clubs to do that then you’ve got a big group of regular customers. The clubs are always on the lookout for new sponsors so if the pubs are willing to sponsor them then there’s a natural fit. Between Find a Player and BT Sport, we have the means to help deliver it. The pubs get more revenue and the clubs get a social base and some sponsorship. 


From the club’s perspective, we also wanted to see how we could bring benefits to the teams who aren’t lucky enough to get into the cup . So we looked at their key, ongoing issues and how we could help solve those problems. So for every team that enters the cup we can try to help them find sponsors, more players, market themselves locally, reduce their admin and (shortly) give them additional rewards. 


BT Sport: And how have the pubs responded to it?


Gayle: The one’s we’ve spoken to have been really enthusiastic.  I think any pub that’s had a relationship with a local team before absolutely understand the scale of the benefits. We worked out a group of 20 guys spending a tenner a week is worth about £10k a year. But they’ve also told us it’s not that easy to find and contact teams to sponsor – so that’s where we come in.


BT Sport: And what about the clubs? What’s their feedback been?


Gayle: Well, as Jim said the biggest problems they face are funding and recruiting players, so if we can help them with both of those then the clubs will be over the moon. After the last couple of years they’re all especially desperate for a hand with resources and kit.  If we can get the pubs behind it then it could be a game changer for grassroots clubs across the country.


BT Sport: Sounds great, so what are the next steps?


Jim: Well we’ve already started getting the clubs to sign up and once we have the pubs, we can start connecting the two.  



We are looking for men’s and women’s teams to enter the Pub Cup and have the chance of playing at Wembley. For more information visit


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