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Pull in the crowds with BT Sport and you’ll be pulling more pints too.


With BT Sport in your line up keep members happy – old and new.


Make your guests feel right at home with their favourite sports in the bar and their rooms.


BT Sport is the perfect play for gyms, bookmarkers, sports shops, offices, rigs, ships and yachts


Get BT Sport across all your locations for all your customers and visitors.


Grow your audience with our social assets

Check out how to use our online content to help you spread the word about upcoming fixtures


At BT Sport we pride ourselves not only on the great sporting content that we can bring to your venue but also in helping you reach more customers.

This is why we launched our partnership with Google last year. We hosted events across the country where licensees, marketing staff, and their teams could learn more about extending their online reach.

It is also why we have made it as simple as possible for you to use our downloadable social assets on your social channels and websites.

And to make it even easier, here’s a step-by-step guide to doing just that.

Step 1: Take a look at what we’ve got

 The first thing you need to do is visit the fixtures and promotion page on our site (just click that link). Here you will see promotional assets for upcoming fixtures. You can also search to find exactly what you are looking for by clicking on the tabs that feature the sports you want to promote, such as football, rugby or boxing. You can also search for a specific team or event by typing it out in the bar above.

So if you are looking to promote Champions League football, simply type ‘Champions League’ in the bar and, hey presto, the next batch of fixtures will pop up.

And another thing…

As well as specific fixtures we also have generic assets to promote competitions such as UEFA Champions League, Premier League, UFC, Gallagher Premiership rugby, boxing… in fact if we are showing it we’ll have an asset to help you promote it.


Step 2: Download the asset

 Now you’ve found what you want, it’s time to download the asset. In the bottom right hand corner of the asset you will see five icons. You probably recognise the images for Twitter, Facebook and the Instagram camera. We’ll come back to those in a bit. For now just click on the arrow in the circle. This is the download button and using it allows you to save the asset image to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You’ll be given a choice to download it in the original shape (the one you can see on screen) or as a square. The latter is better for Instagram posts. Take your pick and save. On a computer the asset will normally save in the ‘downloads’ area of your device.

If you are using a mobile or tablet you will be given a choice as to where you want to save or use the image.

Now you have it you can access it whenever you want to post.

And don’t be shy, the assets are there for you to use, so please download as many as you want.

Step 3: Add it to your calendar

If you want to do some pre-planning rather than schedule your posts you can also use the calendar icon. Clicking on this within the asset gives you the option of adding the fixture to your digital calendar so that you can have a reminder on the day about what’s coming up.

Step 4: The social icons

You can also send the asset straight out to your social channels. Are you a tweeter? Simply click the Twitter icon and the image and a pre-populated message will appear. Now you have a choice. You can stick with our message or go with one of your own that will fit with your own venue and customer base. The same principle applies to Facebook. Got your image and message? Now just press the button to send the post and away you go.

With Instagram we give you the option of downloading a square image, which will work better on that platform.


  • If you still need a little extra guidance on how to use our assets, take a look at these How To videos we have made to guide you through the process. Here you’ll also find a step-by-step guide to ordering physical point-of-sale for your venue.

Keen to see how BT Sport could support your business?