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BT Sport Business

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We want your business to get the most out of BT Sport. Our pub finder tool will help drive customers wanting to watch live games on BT Sport to your venue .


Meet Screach

The future of TV, music and loyalty for your venue.

Screach allows you to make the most of your TVs by giving you your very own promotional TV channel.

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What is Screach?

Screach gives you your very own entertainment and promotional TV channel for your venue using your existing TV screens. Screach’s low cost, easy to install, simple to use solution gives you the power to make the most of your TVs.


Screach can help you:

  • Increase customers through promoting events such as live sports, quiz nights etc.
  • Promote food and drink offers to increase sales.
  • Turn your TVs into revenue generators through advertising.
  • Make customers stay longer with interesting videos and relevant information.


What’s the offer for BT Sport customers?

You can get the unique BT / Screach service completely SUBSCRIPTION FREE for 12 months (normally £456 per year)*, subject to a one off installation fee of £239.

Call 0345 11 33 888 or visit Screach to see what Screach can do for your venue.

* Terms and conditions apply.