Pick your BT Sport Club 2020 Sweepstake winners

Give your customers even more reason to watch the Champions League and Europa League action with you

European football is coming back – and it’s going to be a thrilling few weeks.

Both the UEFA Champions League and Europa Leagues will conclude this season in condensed tournament style formats which means we will be serving up a feast of football on BT Sport.

There will be no fewer than 26 live games over just 19 days from August 5th as we follow the competitions from the remaining last 16 ties all the way to the finals themselves.

You can find out everything you need to know about fixtures and how things stand for the five remaining British clubs in the competition by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we are giving you and your customers the chance to get involved in the action with our BT Sport Club 2020 Sweepstake. Here’s how it works…

You’ve probably been involved in a sweepstake before for a big event such as the Grand National. This is similar, but it combines both the UEFA Champions League and Europa League tournaments.

The 64 tickets in your sweepstake pack represent 64 possible combinations of winners of both competitions once we reach the quarter final stages.

Simply put, the winner of the sweepstake will be the person who has both the winner of the Champions League and the Europa League on their ticket.

This means that customers will have even more reason to keep a close eye on all of the big games being screened in your business between August 5th and the Champions League final on Sunday August 23.

With the last 16 ties still to be completed the tickets currently feature all the possible teams who could make it to the next stage.

For example, if a customer picks out ticket 21: Man City/Real Madrid and Man Utd/LASK they would follow the two sides that get through their respective last 16 ties. It could mean a customer would be willing both Manchester sides on to European glory – or alternatively hoping that Real Madrid and LASK go all the way.

As for the sweepstake draw itself, it is up to you how you run it, but be mindful of social distancing and current guidance around returning to business – see our tips on showing live sport safely here. It might mean it is more prudent for the business owner or a member of the team to conduct the draw rather than allowing individuals to pull tickets out of a bowl themselves.

Any prizes or ticket fees are of course entirely at the business owner’s discretion.

All we know for sure is that there is going to be some incredible nights of European football in August.

Glory awaits the winners of the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League, and of course, your very own BT Sport Club 2020 Sweepstake.

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