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Create a BT Sport Zone

Watching sports with like-minded people really adds to the buzz. And a great way to enhance that is to create a dedicated BT Sport Zone in your venue.

Creating a BT Sport Zone

Keeping everyone in your venue happy is vitally important. That’s why it makes sense to create a sports zone for your BT Sport customers. Dedicating an area to them will ensure they can enjoy the match while your non-sports customers can be in their own area without feeling awkward. The key is to make sure that you’re able to cater for all your different customers even when it’s big match day. We’ve included a generic floor plan to give just an idea of how best to provide space for a variety of customers.


Your Sports Zone

It’s logical to make your Sports Zone the area which houses not only your big screens but also your dart board, pool table, table football etc. However, you might consider moving your pool table or table football aside on big match days to make room for extra seating and tables in front of your screen. Alternatively, remove all furniture and create a standing area to help generate a real football stadium atmosphere. Make sure customers can get to and from the bar easily and make sure all fire exits are clearly marked.

Serving your customers

Make tables available for pre-booking but make it conditional on having a meal with the match. Table service can also help speed up reordering of drinks. Make sure you have enough staff on duty to deal with the numbers you expect. Switch to finger food on match days – such as burgers in a box with chips. This cuts down on the need for plates and cutlery. Pre-pour popular drinks, circulate the bar with beer bottles in ice buckets or offer four pint pitchers. Maybe consider having lager only, or beer only lanes at the bar. Keep customers in your bar after the game with a buffet or carvery or run drinks promotions on the same day.

Before a big game day

Check out sight lines to your screens so that seeing the game will be easy for everyone. An extra screen behind the bar might help ensure fans don’t miss a minute of the action. Make sure your bar lighting doesn’t interfere with screens and adjust blinds or curtains to create the best possible viewing experience. Also ensure that you can control the sound, so that those watching the game can hear well and that your other customers don’t find the noise too intrusive. Always have your TV remote close to hand so that you can adjust things easily. Switch screens on well before the game starts so that you can check picture quality and sound levels. Make sure all screens are clean.