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Creating a home from home at Crowne Plaza London – The City

This landmark hotel ensures its guests have a sporting chance of a great night in.

When you have thousands of guests pouring through the doors of your hotel every week you want to keep them entertained.

One of the ways Crowne Plaza London – The City achieves this is by ensuring that the best sporting action from home and abroad is available to all its guests.

The 204-room hotel is located in historic Blackfriars, within walking distance of the River Thames and dozens of world-famous tourist attractions but for some guests what they really want to do is relax and feel as close to home as possible.

Hotel manager Damian Frewer explains that every one of those rooms comes complete with access to all of BT Sport’s channels.

“Our strategy with in-room entertainment is to make sure there is something for everybody,” he says. “It’s important to offer as much as possible and, with the Premier League and European football, BT Sport is an important part of that. It is pretty much accepted that if you want to offer the widest coverage of sport you have to have both BT Sport and Sky.”

He continues: “If you have an individual who is staying by themselves and doesn’t know the area or anyone socially, we want to be able to offer those home comforts. From our perspective, there is also the potential that they will buy more food and drink from room service as well. We want to make the in-room experience as comfortable as possible.”

Nearly half of the customer base at Crowne Plaza London – The City are British or Irish, the next biggest demographic is European, followed by American and Asian. There is a mixture of business guests and tourists.

The broad range of sports and fixtures available on BT Sport appeals to customers from all over the globe.

“The European football is important for our European customers because it makes them feel comfortable and a little more like this is a home from home,” adds Damian.

He also believes the service represents money well spent.

“I think it is good value. As a hotel, you pay for everything by room so it is only good value if the rooms are being used. Our occupancy rates are normally 90 per cent so the rooms are always being used.”

He adds that success is measured in feedback from guests and that the in-room entertainment is never a cause for complaint. It is also a useful way of attracting new business.

“It is a tool our sales team use when they speak to corporate customers about group bookings, the sport and the on-demand movies,” adds Damian.

For now, the action is all in the bedrooms but Damian and the team are looking at ways of showing sports in a communal area of the hotel.

“At the moment, it doesn’t quite fit in with the concept of what we are trying to do with the restaurants or meeting spaces but we are looking at how we could make this work. If we can do that it is more measurable because you can see how many people are in the bar,” he adds.

Either way guests will have no excuse for missing out on how their teams are faring, home or away.

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