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Know your customers

Knowing what customers like is key to keeping them happy – and loyal. We’ve a host of ideas and tips to help you identify new ways of creating even more customer loyalty.

Know your customers

The more you know about your customers the better you can cater to their needs, keep them in your venue and keep them coming back.

It pays to ask…

The simplest way to find out about what your customers like is simply to ask them. People love to talk about what interests them, particularly if it’s sport. And ask your staff to ask too – they may get some unexpected answers. If you have time, you could put together a short sport-orientated questionnaire for your customers.

Give out questionnaires

The sort of information you collect could include:

-their age

-who they watch sport with

-which sports they like to watch, just the big games or the smaller games too

-do they eat before they come, and if not, what they like to eat while they’re watching; do they watch sport in other venues, if so, which ones

-and finally, their contact details so you can either email them or text them to tell them when a game’s coming up.

Turn your research into profit

Once you’ve got all your information, have a good look at it. If you can, put it into a form that tells you something, like 8 out of 10 fans support Manchester United or over half the people who like rugby like to watch it with their kids, or 7 out of 10 people only want simple dishes like burgers or pizza or other hand-held food when they’re watching a match. It’s all useful stuff, and like gold-dust when it comes to organising events.


Know the competition

At the same time as finding out things about your customers, it’s equally important to find out about what the competition are up to. One of the easiest ways to do this is simply to make it a habit of visiting other venues. Check out how they do things, where they put their screens, how they break their space into different areas, what promotions they offer. And don’t be too proud to copy a few tricks if something’s working for them.