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Promotional posters and where to stick ‘em

With such a constant supply of top class sport you need to keep your customers informed about what’s coming up. But where’s the best place for those posters? Let us put you in the picture…

Social media and word-of-mouth are two great ways of informing punters about all the live action you are showing in your pub. But let’s not overlook the usefulness of a well-placed poster…


  1. Order them

Forgive us for stating the bleedin’ obvious but if you don’t have any posters you can’t very well put them up. Make a visit to and a few clicks later the ideal posters for your pub will be winging their way to you faster than Jonny May.  A word of warning, you need to act now to claim posters for October and November.


2. Keep them updated

Just like nobody wants to see a Christmas party menu on your website in February, nobody wants to see a poster in the pub telling them about a huge game they missed at the start of the season. When the games have gone make sure the posters have too.


3. By the toilets

As Rich Molloy, guvnor at Molloy’s in Torquay, wisely says: “Everyone likes something to read when they go to the toilet.” So, the back of cubicle doors or at eye-level above the urinals are spots where you are virtually guaranteed to get the attention of customers. Of course, you could always go one stage further, like our #BTMOTM Phil Cutter. He has put TV’s in the toilets to ensure customers at his pub, The Murderers in Norwich, don’t need to worry about missing a goal when they have to go.


4. By the telly

 Another #BTMOTM winner is Martin Whelan at The Tollington in Holloway, North London. He doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to perfect poster placement (PPP). He says: “We always make sure we have posters by the television because it is one place where you can be sure your sports fans will be looking.”


5. By the entrance

People have to get into the pub and they, eventually, have to leave so this gives you at least two chances to grab them. Martin says: “Predominantly, we put posters by the entrance so people see them when they come in and as they are leaving.”  That’s Martin’s #BTMOTM statue to the right of the window, it was the poster that grabbed your attention, right?


6. Behind the Bar

You can almost hear a customer’s mind working “…that’s a nice selection of gins…decent range of whisky…nice glasses…what’s that? Liverpool v Chelsea LIVE AND EXCLUSIVE on BT Sport Saturday November 25…don’t mind if I do.” Rich Molloy agrees: “We put some on the back of the bar. It’s where all the brands want to be and is guaranteed attention.”


7. Staff room

If you have the luxury of a staff room then a well-placed poster here will help your team keep on top of the action. Busy as they will be, they are less likely to be looking at the same spots as customers


8. Don’t overdo it

As tempting as it is for us to suggest you plaster the pub in BT Sport posters leaving just enough space for several TV screens, it seems that when it comes to posters, less can be more.

Martin says: “We like to promote the big games that are coming up but you don’t want to overdo it because it doesn’t look great.”

Rich agrees: “You have to be careful because you can put 100 posters up and it could just be 100 things that people don’t read. We find the best places and put them there.”


9. Go digital…

And once you’ve put them up in the pub, put them up online too. We are constantly updating assets that you can use – click here to have a look