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Shout all about it

When you’ve got the best live action sport around – don’t keep it to yourself, let people know. We’ve lots of advice to help you promote your sports offering to your regulars and passers by.

Market your sports offering

There’s no better way to draw in more customers and increase profits than to show BT Sport in your bar. But by promoting your sports offering regularly and consistently you’ll boost profits even more. You should be letting your customers and potential customers know exactly what’s on and when and be bold about it.

Here we’ll give you some ideas on how to market your bar as a sports venue. Keep things simple

-Work out your Unique Selling Point

-Understand your customers

-Know your sports fixtures

-Understand what your competitors are up to.

Plan for great results

Here are a few pointers:

Work out your Unique Selling Point

Define exactly what makes your bar special when it comes to showing BT Sport. Understand your customers Find out what they want to watch, why they like your bar and what else you could offer to make their sports experience even better.

Know your sports fixtures

Know which games are on and when. By being aware of upcoming fixtures you can plan special themed days or introduce promotions to make the most of every game. Understand what your competitors are up to Find out who they are and where they are, what they offer and whether they offer something you don’t.

Understand what your competitors are up to

Find out who they are and where they are, what they offer and whether they offer something you don’t.

Define your Unique Selling Point

Your Unique Selling Point (USP) is your significant point of difference from your competitors. Ask yourself what makes your bar stand out from other venues offering sport in your area. Or define exactly what makes your venue the best place to watch live sport. If you find it difficult to define a significant point of difference, ask your customers why they prefer to watch sport at your venue. And get the opinions of staff members as to what makes yours a great venue for sport too.

A little help in defining your USP


Are you: Located near or affiliated to a specific team or teams? An official supporters’ club bar? In a region noted for a specific sport? Are there sporting heroes in your area? Do you sponsor a local team or have your own pub team?

Your venue

Do you: Have a dedicated sports area? Provide VIP seating or bookable seats? Have TV booths? Provide outside screens? Promote sport with point of sale material/posters etc.? Provide alternative options for those who don’t wish to watch sport? E.g. dedicated lounge area; children’s area; beer garden etc.

Your equipment

Do you: Provide state-of-the-art technology? Offer big screens, plasma screens, multiple screens, High Definition or surround sound? Have your screens placed for maximum viewing potential?

Your broader offering

Do you: Serve traditional ales? Run drinks and/ or food promotions? Have a pre or post match buffet? Have matchday barbecues or hog roasts? Have a pool table, darts board, table football or skittles alley? Provide live music, DJ, karaoke or film evenings? Run quizzes, raffles, competitions or promotions?

Your customer service

Do you offer: An early licence for match days? Offer a pre-match breakfast? Table service? Bottled beer only bars? Lager lanes? Match day food and drinks offers e.g. pitchers of beer or hand-held food? Text alerts to remind customers of upcoming games? Friendly and attentive service from your staff? Door staff to help prevent undesirable elements?

Your marketing options

Once you’ve identified your USP, understand your customers and have worked out your position in the local marketplace, you’ll be ready to market your bar as a sports venue. The areas you need to consider are as follows:

-Outside advertising

-Inside advertising

-Data driven, website and social media advertising

Outside advertising

Make sure you’re letting passers-by and customers know that you’re showing live sports with all or any of the following:

Signs; banners; A-boards, chalkboards and posters.

Try to ensure a consistent style and look for your advertising and make certain that it always communicates your USP.

Make sure everything is clean and clear so that potential customers fully understand what you have to offer.

Don’t forget to promote future events as well as currently upcoming games.

Inside advertising

Make sure you are making it clear to customers that you are a live sports venue. To promote upcoming matches use: Posters; A-boards; What’s-on and chalk boards; signs and banners. Always make sure that these are kept up-to-date. It’s always a good idea to have a monthly fixtures poster on display too. Display promotional material in hotspot areas around your bar – entrances, exits, bar area, toilets, AWP machines, pool table and near your screens.

Take away material

It’s a good idea to have fixtures postcards or flyers on the bar so that customers can take them away and keep up with what’s on and when. You could even try dropping some through local letterboxes to draw in local customers.

Data driven, website and social media advertising

Start a database of customers so that you can remind them of upcoming events by email or text messages. Make sure you have a section on your website dedicated to your live sport offering. Make it clear what’s on and when and keep it up-to-date. And don’t forget that Facebook and Twitter are both great ways of spreading the word about what’s on and when.


This has been just a brief outline of the promotional opportunities available to you. Whichever you choose to use, don’t lose sight of your USP and make sure that all the information you convey is totally up-to-date. By promoting your BT Sport offering effectively you will be making sure you expand and maximise your revenue streams now and in the future.