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This autumn’s jam-packed sporting calendar provides an opportunity for a new generation of heroes to be born. It’s also an opening for you.

This autumn’s jam-packed sporting calendar provides an opportunity for a new generation of heroes to be born. It’s also an opening for you – the chance to really make the most of sports in your bar. 


Just as football clubs’ star new signings are shown around their new stadiums, we’d like to give you a tour of our new dedicated customer zone, The Manager’s Office. This area will provide you with all the tips and tools required to really unlock the potential of your BT Sport subscription.

The opportunity is there to make your bar the destination of choice for fans in your area. For the first time ever, the drama of midweek European football (both the Champions and Europa Leagues) will only be shown on BT Sport. For those fans that don’t have a home subscription, they’ll be looking for bars and pubs screening the games. Social media has already demonstrated that fans are looking for new ways to watch these matches.

Take a look at our comprehensive fixture guide so that you know what sports are on, and when. This will help you prepare for busy midweek nights, run possible promotions, ensure that you’ve got the correct number of staff on and, crucially, that you’ve got enough ale on tap!

This is key because autumn promises to be the most exciting sporting season since the 2012 Olympics. In football alone, the return of the Champions League and Europa League, a fantastically competitive and unpredictable Premier League and the climax of the Home Nations’ Euro 2016 qualifying campaigns will see football fanatics up and down the country heading to pubs and bars looking to soak up the unique atmosphere of watching a game at their local boozer. Elsewhere, the Rugby World Cup – held in England and Wales – runs from mid-September until the end of October.


 Social Media


Fans don’t just use social media to engage in humorous banter – they’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out what pubs are screening the games. An engaging social media presence and a strong website is key as this example from the Tib Street Tavern in Manchester demonstrates. The Manager’s Office also delivers a free promo kit for each fixture to get you started.

Subscribers can also sign up to Social Connect for free for a year. Our partner Inapub will help you to effortlessly build your social media presence. For other ideas that will assist you in getting more customers through your doors follow our Twitter page (@BTSportBars) and other feeds from BT Sport (in particular @BTSport).

We’ll also give you a free banner to stick outside your bar. This will attract the eye of passing punters looking for a place to watch the big game. The UK will be swelled by rugby-loving tourists from mid-September for six weeks – they’ll be looking for venues to watch the Rugby World Cup.

BT Sport has up to 220 UEFA Champions and Europa League games, and another 38 Premier League matches. That’s midweek games and at the weekend. Making the most of your BT Sport package will help you kick your opposition into touch.

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