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Twitter tactics to take you to the Premier League

That first whistle signalling the start of a new Premier League campaign is just hours away – but how do you ensure your venue is packed to the rafters from the off?
Word of mouth and posters play a part in this, but so too does social media. Over the course of the season we’ll analyse your options in a way that would make Jose Mourinho proud.
And we begin with a platform that, a little like Jose, can be powerful, noisy and occasionally controversial.

Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce our Top 10 Twitter tactics.

Simon Delaney


With so many people and so much content on Twitter it has been estimated that a Tweet is as good as dead after about 18 minutes. That means to be seen you have to understand when your followers are likely to be scrolling on their phones.

Simon Delaney, licensee of the award-winning Firbank pub in Manchester, keeps it close to kick-off.

“I use Twitter all the time and it’s especially good for football but I find we get a lot of engagement about an hour before kick-off,” he says.

2. Engagement you say?

Engagement just means the interaction your tweet gets in terms of comments, favourites and retweets. The more interesting you make the tweet the more retweets you should get. Basically, don’t be boring.

3. But don’t be 🙁 if nobody retweets you?

It doesn’t mean they aren’t watching. As Simon says (and we should always pay attention to what Simon says): “Twitter is more about awareness than engagement. You can put out what you think is a great tweet and get no favourites or retweets but you still end up with a busy bar. I know customers are seeing what we do on Twitter because they tell us when they come in.”

4. Assets

Brighton v Man City

Tweets with images tend to get more engagement so highlight upcoming games with relevant imagery. You can find plenty of this here. You’re welcome.

5. Emojis

Such a staple of pop culture they’ve even got their own movie. But should you use emojis in your tweets? Research by SEO specialists WordStream suggests tweets with emojis get a 25 per cent better engagement rate. Best get those pints, footballs and smiley faces out.


Hashtags help you show up in searches. Using something related to the game you are showing or a general #PremierLeague will make you more visible.

7. Show off your pub

Back at The Firbank, Simon continues tweeting even when the game is on. He says: “If it’s quiet we will use it to drum up more business and if it’s packed we’ll tweet out photos to show people how good the atmosphere is.”

8. Line em’ up

If tweeting when you’ve got a crowd in sounds like a hassle you can use a service such as TweetDeck, which allows you to schedule tweets. You can also open your account to social media savvy – and trusted – members of the team.

9. Less is more

You only get 140 characters per tweet so you don’t have any choice but be short and sharp with your messaging. Yet, you don’t have to use all that space. Research by social media scientist (yes, there is such a thing) Dan Zarrella suggests tweets with 120-130 characters get the highest click through rates.

10. Experiment

This isn’t an exact science and what works for someone else may not work for you. Have some fun with Twitter and see what your audience reacts to. If stats are your thing, Twitter Analytics can indicate what’s working well.


Bring on the football…