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Simon Delaney

Twitter tactics to take you to the Premier League

That first whistle signalling the start of a new Premier League campaign is just hours away – but how do you ensure your venue is packed to the rafters from the off?
Word of mouth and posters play a part in this, but so too does social media. Over the course of the season we’ll analyse your options in a way that would make Jose Mourinho proud.
And we begin with a platform that, a little like Jose, can be powerful, noisy and occasionally controversial.

Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce our Top 10 Twitter tactics.

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Countdown to Kick-Off

The dawn of a new football season is a wonderful time for fans – and bar managers. With a little preparation and promotion, you can ensure your venue is the place to watch all the action this year.

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It’s not cricket but Broad and Gurney have a new Wymeswold partnership, The Three Crowns.

Last summer, Dan Cramp, assisted by his two business partners, finally realised his dream of opening his own pub, The Three Crowns, in the idyllic Leicestershire village of Wymeswold.

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Safeguarding the Great British Pub

The tide maybe turning on the Great British Pub, as switched on managers, the campaign for real ale and enlightened councils are helping to safeguard the future of the much loved local.

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Norwich’s Traditional Top Flight Bar

Norwich City might be the archetypal yo-yo club – in the Premier League one season, relegated the next – but Norwich city centre bar The Murderers firmly resides at the top table of sports pubs in the UK.

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Your need-to-know for the season finale

Sporting clichés being what they are, April and May are always regarded as the business end of a season. It’s when heroes are made, legacies are written and drama is the name of the game.

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Manchester’s Black Dog: so much more than just a bar

It’s not often that a Manchester bar chain gets compared to arguably the world’s greatest football team, FC Barcelona.

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The Great British Gin Revival

Gin has undergone an extraordinary rebirth in recent years. Once dismissed as fusty, despite it’s extraordinary history, Gin is back.

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The Grapes: Southampton’s most famous bar

A great British pub is jam-packed with history. Indeed, Ye Olde Traditional Local provides a social history more colourful than most corduroy-patched teachers can aspire to. Southampton’s The Grapes is one such pub.

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2017 Sport Raises the Bar

The great news for bar managers is that no matter what the world throws at us next year, you can expect more of the same hi-octane sporting excitement in 2017.

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Football and Music Hit the Bar

Harnessing the devotion engendered by both sport and music, innovative bar managers have brought these passionate twin pursuits under one roof in an attempt to make their bar/pub/venue stand out.

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Why it Pays to Offer Free Wi-Fi

The latest trend in the pub/bar sector is, perhaps unsurprisingly, linked to the digital and technological revolution of the last two decades.

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