Robbie reveals how social can help, whatever kind of show you’re putting on

The BT Sport pundit tells licensees how he harnesses the power of Twitter and Instagram to drive engagement

Former footballer turned broadcasting star Robbie Savage has told pub and club operators that there are parallels between how he uses social media and how they can drive business.

The presenter of Saturday Morning Savage on BT Sport said that the likes of Twitter and Instagram Stories drive interaction for his shows in a way that can be replicated by venue operators.

He said: “It is great to engage fans who are going to interact with your show in a positive way. Instagram Stories is huge to let people know when, where and what shows you are involved in.

“It’s the same for pubs and clubs, promoting where you are, what times games are on, having little competitions and discounts. Even if you have only got 10 people in your pub, put them in a corner to take a photo and make the pub look busy. Nobody wants to go to a pub with nobody in it.

“I live in Alderley Edge in Cheshire and there’s not much football going on in the pubs and bars there, but one of the local eateries tweeted the football was on so I phoned some mates up and went to watch it. For me it is a great way of engaging.”

However, Robbie, who has 1.7m Twitter followers and 111,000 on Instagram, added that there are times when it is better not to get involved with some followers.

“As soon as you get into a conversation on Twitter, when you engage someone who has criticised your opinion, you will never be able to win because it will always end in an obscenity and spiral out of control.

“One massive piece of advice is do not Tweet under the influence because it’s easy to get carried away.”

Robbie was speaking at Old Trafford at our latest Google Digital Garage event to help pubs and clubs maximise their digital offering to drive trade.

He added that his appearance at the event was not met with a wholly positive response on Twitter.

“You take the rough with the smooth with social media,” he continued. “When I tweeted I was coming out here the first reaction I got from someone was ‘if I was trapped on a desert island with Robbie Savage and a packet of Hobnobs, I’d eat Robbie and talk to the Hobnobs.’”

His final tip for pubs and clubs regarding social media was one which has served him well in both his playing and broadcast career.

“If you tweet about a game and nobody turns up you have just got to be relentless. I am, to the point where it bores myself. But I am giving myself the best opportunity to be successful on social media.”

Pub and club operators have heard from a range of stars at events across the country in the last few months, including Brian O’Driscoll, Steve McManaman and Ugo Monye.

Rugby legends Sam Warburton and Lawrence Dallaglio will be speaking at our final two events in Cardiff and Bristol respectively.

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