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Pull in the crowds with BT Sport and you’ll be pulling more pints too.


With BT Sport in your line up keep members happy – old and new.


Make your guests feel right at home with their favourite sports in the bar and their rooms.


BT Sport is the perfect play for gyms, bookmarkers, sports shops, offices, rigs, ships and yachts


Get BT Sport across all your locations for all your customers and visitors.


Support Squad FAQs

Got Support Squad questions? Find the answers here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a BT Sport customer to access these sessions?

Yes, you need to be a BT Sport pub commercial customer to book and be eligible for a Support Squad visit.

How long will my Support Squad visit last?

Your session with the Support Squad agent will last for around 60 minutes. The agent will use this time as effectively as possible to meet your needs.

When will I expect to receive a Support Squad visit?

Our campaign will commence in May and we will visit every one of our BT Sport pubs. Prior to visit, a squad member will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time and date for the session. If you are a pub that books through the BT Sport website, a squad member will contact you within 15 working days from booking to arrange a Support Squad session.

Can I have more than one Support Squad visit?

We have limited our Support Squad visits to one per season. In that visit you will receive an allocated volume of bespoke POS for your venue.

What POS will I receive and is it free

One of our squad members will come equipped with a variety of internal and external POS for your venue including banners, beer mats and bar runners and yes – it is completely free!

Can I discuss any billing queries I have in the Support Squad visit?

The aim of the Support Squad visit is to help you maximise your sports package and online presence. For any query related to your billing, please call 0800 876 6468 and one of our agents will be happy to help.

What if I have scheduled a visit but I am no longer able to make it?

Please contact the agent that rang you to schedule your visit and they can organise a new time.

Am I eligible for a virtual Support Squad session?

If it is not possible for our Support Squad to physically visit your venue, then you are eligible to receive a virtual Support Squad session.

What type of device do I need?

You can use any mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet that you have. We would recommend that you use a laptop, desktop or tablet for the best experience.

Do I need a specific operating system to have a virtual Sport Sprint visit?

Please make sure your device is updated with the latest operating system such as IOS or Windows to ensure the best experience.

Do I need to download Skype as an application on to my device?

If you are accessing Skype from your desktop browser, you do not need to download the Skype application. You can simply follow the link in the browser and ‘Join as a guest’. If you are joining from an Apple or Android device, you will have to download the Skype application on to your device.

I already have Skype downloaded. Will this work?

Please ensure if you already have Skype downloaded that it is updated with the latest version.

What is screen sharing and how will it be used on my call?

‘Screen share’ is a feature on Skype whereby you can view the screen of the other person on the call, if they permit you to view it. Our agents can use this functionality to show you in real time how to set up a new website, edit a Google listing and much more. If you would like to share your screen with the agent, it will only share for the duration of the call that you permit. Once you exit the call, your screen can not be accessed, and no information will be stored by BT Sport from this feature.

Will the call be recorded?

Skype will record the duration your call with the Sport Sprint agent as part of the functionality of the application. BT Sport will not hold any of these calls on record nor will they be accessed by BT Sport.

How long will my virtual Sport Sprint visit last?

Your call with the Sport Sprint agent will last for 45 minutes.

Will I still receive free POS on the virtual visit?

Yes – as outlined above, you will receive a variety of free internal and external POS and we will send you out this pack ahead of your virtual visit.



Support Squad Terms & Conditions 

  1. Each Customer is only eligible for one Support Squad service booking per season. For the avoidance of doubt, the upcoming season begins April 2021, ending in April 2022.
  2. These visits are only available for BT Sport Pub Commercial Customers with a valid subscription. Customer details will be checked to confirm this. 'Whilst this service offering is predominantly available to Pub customers, it is at BT’s own discretion who will be and who will not be eligible for the Support Squad service offering'
  3. Support will be allocated at BT’s discretion. Where possible this will be on a first come, first served booking basis.
  4. By accessing the Support Squad services, Customer agrees only to use the content included in such sessions as expressly permitted by BT in writing.
  5. Whilst BT will use every reasonable endeavour to visit each pub upon booking, external demands, geographical or otherwise, may prevent us from doing so. In such instances, BT will provide alternative support via virtual call(s) and mailing of services e.g. PoS packs.
  6. BT reserves the right to cancel any of the sessions for any reason without notice.
  7. Customer acknowledges that their use of any content provided in the Support Squad visit is at their own risk and BT provides no warranty as to the suitability of such content for Customer individual requirements. As such, to the extent permitted by law, Customer agrees that BT will not be liable to Customer or any third party for any loss, damage, liability and/or expense incurred in connection with Customers use of such content.
  8. BT will not be liable for any damage to property in relation to the Support Squad Service offering.
  9. All content included within any BT Sport visit and/or virtual meeting is owned by BT and/or its affiliates, and attendance at any BT Sport Support Squad meeting does not grant Customer any right or licence to use any of the materials and/or intellectual property included within such Support Squad Services unless expressly agreed by BT in writing.
  10. Support Squad is operated using a third-party supplier – Cosine Group.
  11. Further information on how your personal details are used with BT and our suppliers is available in our Privacy Policy


Cosine is a company registered in England and Wales.

Registered number: [01811431]. Registered office: [Bankside 3, 90 - 100 Southwark Street, London, England, SE1 0SW]


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