Virtual Sport Sprint FAQs

Commercial Customers FAQs

  • Do I need to be a BT Sport customer to access these sessions?

Yes, you need to be a BT Sport commercial customer to book and access a virtual Sport Sprint visit. However, you can still access the free webinars and videos even if you aren’t a customer

  • What type of device do I need?

You can use any mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet that you have. We would recommend that you use a laptop, desktop or tablet for the best experience

  • Do I need a specific operating system on my device to have a virtual Sport Sprint visit?

Our Sport Sprint sessions will be delivered via Skype, which is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android, Linux and Apple’s iOS.

  • Do I need to download Skype as an application on to my device?

If you are accessing Skype from your desktop browser, you do not need to download the Skype application. You can simply follow the link in the browser and ‘Join as a guest’. If you are joining from an Apple or Android device, you will have to download the Skype application on to your device

  • I already have Skype downloaded. Will this work?

Please ensure if you already have Skype downloaded that it is updated with the latest version

  • What is screen sharing and how will it be used on my call?

‘Screen share’ is a feature on Skype whereby you can view the screen of the other person on the call, if they permit you to view it. Our agents can use this functionality to show you in real time how to set up a new website, edit a Google listing and much more. If you would like to share your screen with the agent, it will only share for the duration of the call that you permit. Once you exit the call, your screen can not be accessed and no information will be stored by BT Sport from this feature

  •   Will the call be recorded?

Skype will record the duration your call with the Sport Sprint agent as part of the functionality of the application. BT Sport will not hold any of these calls on record nor will they be accessed by BT Sport.

  • How long will my virtual Sport Sprint visit last?

Your call with the Sport Sprint agent will last for 45 minutes. The agent will use this time as effectively as possible to meet your needs. We hope that this will be enough time for you, but if not, don’t worry, just book in for another slot!

  • Will I be able to discuss any billing queries during the session?

This virtual one to one session is solely for the purpose of helping you to improve your skills and knowledge around increasing your venue’s digital presence. We will not be able to discuss any billing queries with you. If you wish to do so, please ring 08006781065.

Call us to find out more about our packages on

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