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BT Sport Business

Good sport always draws a crowd

Down in the local, in the gym, the office, the club, even on holiday – including tourists from abroad – people love to keep up with live sport. Offer BT Sport Total and keep your customers, members and guests happy.

A top sport offering attracts more guests

Even when they’re travelling, people like to keep up to date with their favourite sport. So if your bar and bedrooms have BT Sport Total on offer, your guests will feel right at home.

Key Features

  • With more of the sport that matters, the new BT Sport Total package means business.

  • The only place to show live midweek European football on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening so that you can pack your pub throughout the week.

  • Your home of live UEFA Champions and Europa League – these tournaments will be shown exclusively on BT Sport.

BT Sport Means Business

“BT represents fantastic value for us. On average, whenever we show live sport, we see a ten-fold increase in revenues which is a fantastic return on what is very competitively priced service.”

The Chiswick Moran Hotel, West London
  • More pubs now show BT Sport than Sky Sports (1)
  • UEFA Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup are best for trade when a Premier League side is playing – BT Sport Total shows matches from all three competitions (2)

(1) Based on 1835 pubs with a Sky Sports subscription, unweighted. Evalueserve/Amethist October 2014.

(2) Based on 300 pubs with Sports TV. May 2015, unweighted. Evalueserve/Amethist.

12 UEFA Champions League matches will be shown Free To Air on BT Showcase.

Added extras add more profit

When people are searching for somewhere to stay, they like to compare what each hotel or B&B offers. If you can include BT Sport in your hotel’s complimentary services, you’ll give yourself an important point of difference from your competitors. And once a guest has found a place they like – they’re sure to return as well as recommend you to friends and family.

Discover how other hotels and B&Bs prosper with BT Sport

Great sport is a great investment

BT Sport attracts more business. Our live action, exclusive coverage and host of world-class presenters and pundits will keep guests in your bar when they’re staying with you. It can also increase your room service sales with customers taking the easy option to stay in and unwind with a fixture after a long day. To find out more, call us on 0800 678 1065 or request a call back from us.

All the kit you need to help bring in more guests

Once you’ve invested in BT Sport for your hotel, you want to make sure people know about it. And we’ve plenty of ways to help you do just that. We’ll send you a welcome pack with lots of great point of sale material plus there’s even more available for you to download – from window stickers and beer mats to banners for your website. Plus there’s a range of guides with practical help from staff training and menu suggestions to ideas like creating a dedicated sports zone in your hotel bar.

A simple contract is all it takes

Setting up your contract is really simple. How much you pay will depend on the number of rooms you have. To order your BT Sport package or to talk to one of our dedicated team, just call us on 0800 678 1065 or request a call back from us.

Installing your BT Sport Package

We’ll take care of everything so BT Sport will be up and running as quickly as possible in your hotel bar. If you’ve got Sky, just tell us your Sky viewing card number and we’ll turn on your BT Sport channels. If you don’t have Sky or want to take BT Sport in your hotel rooms, get in touch and we’ll tell you about the best options for you and your hotel.

The number to call is 0800 678 1065.