Sport helps you build a better business

BT Sport’s attention-grabbing live action sport really draws people in – so if you’ve got it, you could attract more business.

Key Features

With more of the sport that matters, the new BT Sport Total package means business.

The only place to show live midweek European football on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening so that you can pack your pub throughout the week.

Your home of live UEFA Champions and Europa League – these tournaments will be shown exclusively on BT Sport.

BT Sport Means Business

"We've had BT Sport for most of this year and its really boosted our sales. The fact that it's such an affordable price is fantastic."

The Beaufort Arms Hawkesbury Upton, Gloucestershire, England

  • More pubs now show BT Sport than Sky Sports (1)

  • UEFA Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup are best for trade when a Premier League side is playing – BT Sport Total shows matches from all three competitions (2)

  • BT Sport's new live Premier League kickoff time is 5:30pm on Saturdays which 65% of customers believe creates a better atmosphere than the 12:45pm slot (4). We have also increased our number of Premier League games to 42- more than ever before (3)

  • (1) Based on 1835 pubs with a Sky Sports subscription, unweighted. Evalueserve/Amethist October 2014.

  • (2) Based on 300 pubs with Sports TV. May 2015, unweighted. Evalueserve/Amethist.

  • (3) Based on analysis of the past 3 seasons and the average number of games shown across Champions League, Europa League, Premier League and FA Cup featuring Premier League sides.

  • (4) Based on twitter survey of 5470 respondents.

  • 12 UEFA Champions League matches will be shown Free To Air on BT Showcase.

Great sport at a great price

Great sport at a great price

With live action, exclusive coverage and a host of world-class presenters, celebrity guests and entertaining pundits bringing you the best of sport seven days a week, BT Sport is a great investment for your business. To see how affordable it is, call us on 0800 678 1065 or request a call back from us.

Out perform your competitors

Out perform your competitors

Whether you run a gym, a café, a retail outlet, a betting shop or an office-based business – screening BT Sport can give you an edge over your competitors. You could find live action sport persuades customers to stay longer and spend more, attracts new people to your business or, in offices boosts staff morale and team spirit, increasing productivity.

All the kit you need to help bring in more people

All the kit you need to help bring in more people

Once you’ve invested in BT Sport for your bar, you want to make sure people know about it. And we’ve plenty of ways to help you do just that. You’ll have access to our new customer area The Manager’s Office. It’s packed full with kit, fixtures and advice for you to promote your venue, while keeping the bar full and the pints flowing.

A simple contract is all it takes

A simple contract is all it takes

Setting up your contract is really simple. To order your BT Sport Total package or talk to one of our dedicated team members, call 0800 678 1065 or request a call back.