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BT Sport Business

Great sport always draws a crowd

Give your customers more of the sports they want to watch by showing the top football and rugby competitions and more of the top teams this season on BT Sport Total.

Pack your pub with unmissable sport

The BT Sport Total package brings you more of the sport that matters. Show all the top European action from UEFA Champions League & Europa League to the 42 exclusively live matches from the Premier League and much more. They all draw a huge crowd so serve our BT Sport Total Package and you’ll be welcoming regulars old and new.

Key Features

  • With more of the sport that matters, the new BT Sport Total package means business.

  • The only place to show live midweek European football on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening so that you can pack your pub throughout the week.

  • Your home of live UEFA Champions and Europa League – these tournaments will be shown exclusively on BT Sport.

BT Sport Means Business

"We've had BT Sport for most of this year and its really boosted our sales. The fact that it's such an affordable price is fantastic."

The Beaufort Arms Hawkesbury Upton, Gloucestershire, England
  • More pubs now show BT Sport than Sky Sports (1)
  • UEFA Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup are best for trade when a Premier League side is playing – BT Sport Total shows matches from all three competitions (2)

(1) Based on 1835 pubs with a Sky Sports subscription, unweighted. Evalueserve/Amethist October 2014.

(2) Based on 300 pubs with Sports TV. May 2015, unweighted. Evalueserve/Amethist.

12 UEFA Champions League matches will be shown Free To Air on BT Showcase.

A great investment that pulls in the profits

The BT Sport Total package for your pub is a cost-effective way to boost your profit. Football fans look forward to watching the game in their local and the Total package lets you screen over 220 live televised UEFA Champions and Europa League matches, plus 42 Premier League matches.

Pubs with BT Sport attract a crowd

Pubs all across the nation have seen why BT Sport means business. With over 220 UEFA Champions and Europa League matches, you’ll own Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Plus, Saturday lunchtimes bring in customers for the big Premier League games, with sports fans staying into the afternoon.

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All the kit you need to help pull in the customers

Once you’ve invested in BT Sport for your bar, you want to make sure people know about it. And we’ve plenty of ways to help you do just that. You’ll have access to our new customer area The Manager’s Office. It’s packed full with kit, fixtures and advice for you to promote your venue, while keeping the bar full and the pints flowing.

A simple contract is all it takes

Setting up your contract is really simple. To order your BT Sport Total package or talk to one of our dedicated team members, call 0800 678 1065 or request a call back.

Installing your BT Sport Package

We’ll take care of everything so BT Sport will be up and running in your venue as quickly as possible. There are two options available to you:

If you have Sky

If you have Sky call us on 0800 678 1065 with your Sky viewing card number to hand. We’ll then turn on your BT Sport Total channels and they should be live within four hours.

If you don’t have Sky

If you don’t have Sky call us on 0800 678 1065 and we’ll take your order and arrange for our installation team to contact you. The team will come to your venue for a site survey and then install your box. Charges may apply and if any additional boxes and work are necessary the team will let you know the cost before carrying out the install.